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as well said delinquencies fell in december and chargeoffs continue to rise and bank of america, you see it in the bottom of your screen down 3% as well. even though intel had better-than-expected earnings and it's a sell on the news picture today because you've seen the semiconductor index weigh on the major averages as well and some of those chip names like texas instruments almost to the downside. teradyne as well. amd is bucking the trend even though it's a fractional move to the upside. fertilizer stocks i continue to watch those. we'll continue to watch both of those shares. agrium to the down side by more than two bucks and potash is having a pretty good day as the price target was raised over it, rbc. take a look at some of the office supply companies as they're focused around a modest recovery, if you will in the job market, and i mean modest. it was upgraded by j.p. morgan to overweight from neutral. in the labor market you've seen staples and office depot rising on the back of that as well. schlumberger was raised to a buy over at jefferies and then kellogg was upgraded to a b
moving forward. >>> nice start to the new year for two new bank ceos. shares of bank of america and morgan stanley trading higher today. details on the new leadership. with fidelity, you can take your trading around the world, because now you can trade u.s. and foreign stocks online, in 12 markets, 24 hours a day, all from the same account, and settle in u.s. dollars or the local currency. plus, we'll guide you with international research and realtime quotes, so you can diversify your portfolio, wherever -- whenever. and we'll be on call around the clock, while you trade around the globe. fidelity investments. turn here. >>> welcome back to "the call." traders decided to start 2010 being long commodities. we are seeing a buying three here across the board. oil prices up nearly $2. $81 barrel. gold prices up $27. and what's fueling all of this is the strong economic data. strong ism numbers here and china's manufacturing growing at the fastest rate in five years. add to that the cold temperatures we are seeing and you see the tear we are seeing here in some of the winter fuels he
in consumer businesses overseas especially in latin america and asia. however, the bank expects the north america consumer business to be hindered in the months and possibly in the next few months by new credit card legislation. a beautiful assets designated to be sold lost over $2 billion as asset sales and markdowns cut total assets of the pool by 2k4rr7 0 billion. the ceo, vikram pandit is speaking to analysts and press as we speak. i'll have an update coming up in just about 20 minute, but first let's go to bob pisani at the new york stock exchange. bob? >> mary, good to see you. boy, that senate race in massachusetts is the primary topic of conversation on the trading desks right now and that's because it could upset the political balance and influence health care legislation. take a look at hmo stocks and they're trading on the upside. why would they tread on the upside with health care reform, less competition and res regulation out there. >> humana is up nicely and they have a big medicare advantage program. look at other side of this. the hospital stocks have been under pressure
care reform and other issues. now back to today's trading and the financials. bank of america and morgan stanley both reporting they fell short in q4. meanwhile, a number of regional banks posted profits and beat expectations. so should you invest in regional banks instead of the big guys? let's ask matt mckorm am, banking analyst at matt mcgregor and senior editor for the credit suisse financial services group. matt, as i recall, i may have this wrong, but you were always in favor of the regionals. is that the case and are you still there? >> well, i'm a little bit more in favor of the regionals and they're more nimbler, but i'm in favor of the custody banks and if you look at the numbers from bank of new york state street or northern trust which we own, they had great beats across the board, larry, and i think what the market's doing is they're digesting these numbers and they're understanding that with gridlock soon to be happening that the stimulus will probably not happen and i think the juice that has been helped in propping up the market once they pull that out is causi
. if you're wondering why is the market down today? look at bank of america here. portfolio managers are preparing positions, and we're still trying to figure out exactly what he's saying, but clearly some kind of restrictions on trading activities for the big banks. bank of america, volume has picked up on the financials, so far today normally would trade about 220, so volume definitely coming in. the other issue, of course, what's going on in china. that's a pretty good number now that chinese officials have to figure out a way to keep the economy going. freeport mac moran is a good example, they've all been weak for the past few days, and maybe the-second half of march -- they did have their earnings, by the way, the good news here metal prices were up, they've been cutting costs, that's good news, but a bit of a concern, they talked about lower copper and gold production in the year. look how the material stocks have been selling off in the last couple weeks. they hit their highing about two weeks ago. alcoa has not been the same since their earnings came out. we are at 11 a 50 o
in america and the made in america label or brand is important to them. so if it's made in an american factory that matters to them. >> michelle, are you saying that even though you see gm and chrysler go into bankruptcy, they took government money, write them off. you believe gen y is willing to give them another chance. >> that wouldn't influence their buying decisions. >> michelle collins joining us first here on cnbc into an exclusive look as to what the gen y auto buyer is looking for. melissa and larry, there's an old adage in the auto business that you don't want to sell these young people out and say they're too young to buy a car. you've got to hook them as early as possible and that's the key group you want to sell. that's a great point. >> thanks for that, phil. coming up next, the predictions about the market in 2009, 11 came through. bob doll is up next to tell us what is in store for 2010. >> arnold schwarzenegger out there in california. that's coming this afternoon and we'll discuss what's ahead for the troubled west coast economy with gubernatorial candidate steve pois
tax credits. we'll debate whether he's on the right track to put america back to work. with fidelity, you can take your trading around the world, because now you can trade u.s. and foreign stocks online, in 12 markets, 24 hours a day, all from the same account, and settle in u.s. dollars or the local currency. plus, we'll guide you with international research and realtime quotes, so you can diversify your portfolio, wherever -- whenever. and we'll be on call around the clock, while you trade around the globe. fidelity investments. turn here. >>> welcome back to the call. i'm mary thompson with your "realtime flash." a stock is one of the biggest percentage losers on the nasdaq today, yucheng technology. a loss of about 40%. a provider of information services to chinese banks, and the company is forecasting in 2010 it's going to earn between 30 and 36 cents a share. the reason for the lower forecast, the company blaming an uncertain market, as well as growing gross margin pressure. while the earnings front is strong here, again, yucheng technologies reflected in its stock. >>> the las
america merrill lynch, whatever they want to call it. they need to shorten it. the firm increasing its price target to 80 from 45, mark, that is a real move. qlogic trading in leffs not seen since 2007 upgraded at bmo capital and the price target going from 20. and mgm mirage upgraded to buy from neutral. it upgraded the casino company from 16 to 10. >> procter & gamble upgraded to buy from neutral at bank of america merrill lynch. dominos pizza upgraded to buy from hold at citi. the firm also raised -- shouldn't it be upgraded from hold? to 14 from 11. underarmour initiating the performance of the power company at outperform. >> you sped through those. >> are you familiar, in some cities there is a problem when there is a -- bus accident, in particular. people will run on to the bus and claim that they were on it at the time of the accident and file claims. they're having a similar problem with lehman brothers estate. and the man who was in charge of overseeing lehman brothers' estate says he's not going to put up with it anymore and he's going to take -- a lot of banks are appare
at bank of america. republican senator judd gregg telling "squawk box" in his opinion it is a matter for shareholders, not the government. >> it is their stockholders they have the answer to. if the stock holders are willing to pay those bonuses, well, they must be thinking they are getting value for that and preeration of their stocks or dividends. >> government can't do it. beneathker the market. with so much of wall street pay tacked on to fees for big deals, few in the market shop for the price of a banker. they want to know the interest rate on the bond issue. can the paper be placed at the price of the ipo? how could you put a value on what some on wall street call god's work? >> yeah, yeah. send your notes to steve. i'm not even going to touch that. you know, the major banks which paid back t.a.r.p. may no longer be subject to the come pen saugs restricts. that may not be the end of it. the banks say, look, we are not tone deaf. tim ryan, president of the securities and financial markets association, is defending new bonus change. >> the compensation you will see out over the
and some of it in one part of the world could have one impact on here in america or what we do here impacts somewhere else, but it's going to take a lot of work and due diligence to come up with the right framework where we can remove the safety net, but i'm convinced that will happen. >> just an observation -- >> time? >> 15 seconds. >> there is a significant difference between an increase in the per sepgdz that your firm will fail and whether or not a put option exists. that may both be the case. it may be the case that your spreads increase significantly after lehman failed and investors might be pricing in the risk the possible they the government might step in and rescue your firm. >> thank you, mr. hennessy. mr. wilson. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i would like to focus on a couple of things and a few things that relate specifically to what caused it is financial crisis. the newspapers have covered this somewhat, but i would like to get it in the record. >> excuse me, mr. wallison. would you pull it up and i know it's hard. >> i got it. mr. blankfein, i would like to start with you and
, you have bank of america, citi, wells. i mean, there are over $1 trillion. $1.3 trillion, $1.4 trillion. who will support that to fail? only the united states government. there is no one else that can do it. too big to fail is being addressed. >> that's the safety net for lousy risk taking. that's my point. no one wants to go after that. >> some say, not me, but others say it does address too big to fail by breaking out the big banks and taking out the hedge fund and the prop desk. doesn't it break them down to size? james, what do you think? the size limits are coming later, but you know, really, do you want the government doing that? the better option is bankruptcy. >> right. >> if you want to create a special bankruptcy court with experienced judges built to handle only large financials where people could allow a citigroup or j.p. morgan should it happen to fail, that's probably a better way, but we do praise mr. obama today for now asking the right question. everything to this point from the administration and from congress has been about how do we make too big to fail bi
. >>> time for six in 60. six stocks in 60 second. erin gets three. i get three. bank of america upgridded to outperform from neutral. it improved its target on bac from 21 to 17. bed bath and beyond, retailer upgraded to neutral from underweight at piper jaffray. the firm's price target is 43. lockheed martin downgraded to neutral from buy at broadpoint ametek. the firm also reducing its price target on aerospace to 73. >> all right. humana upgraded to equal weight from underweight at barclays. the company now $53 a share. and leonard, the nation's third quarter home builder. orders for new homes increased for the first time in more than three years maybe the big headline. last, but want least, reynolds american, yes, it sells cigarettes. interesting, completely opposite side of what we heard yesterday from our tobacco analyst. mark, by the way, an update here. those cow beds for the cowbellies to rest o the water beds we talked about it this time yesterday. we showed pictures on "street signs" and apparently they make them look kind of like they're sandy so the cow is fooled, but then it
for the u.s. economy. >> michael pinto, i know you don't like good news. >> i love good news. love america. >> when the fed gooses the economy for a year and you get better profit numbers doesn't that improve the outlook for economic recovery and in particular, first quarter, there's a lot of na saying on the street, we'll see, that the fourth quarter will be strong from inventories but the first quarter will slide back. >> it will. >> i want to get your take on that. >> let's look in the future. existing home sales plunged even though we didn't have an increase in home prices over the last six months. >> the first time -- in fairness, that was the flip in the home buyer's tax credit. >> is that the way we want to run an economy? >> no. >> why does the economy get to decide if everyone should own a home. here's a more important point i want to make. what did harry reid say to ben bern anky? the americans -- >> he can't respond to the positive news, larry. just for the record, he can't respond. >> i can make a point, please? doesn't the federal reserve have to be independent? >> yes. i rais
to create small business in america. jim cook from the boston beer company on bruck the american dream that say head in the main street business report, only right here on the call. we will be right back. i was just in town for a few days, and i was wondering if i could say hi to the doctor. is he in? he's in copenhagen. oh, well, that's nice. but you can still see him! you just said he was in... copenhagen. come on! that's pretty far. doc, look who's in town. ellen! copenhagen? cool, right? vacation. but still seeing patients. oh. [ whispering ] workaholic. i heard that. she said it. i... [ female announcer ] the new office. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. fidelity, traders learn from the pros. say you want to backtest an entire portfolio of stocks. market experts show you how through fidelity's extensive trading knowledge center. and fidelity gives you free research from 15 independent firms, with accuracy scores... to help you decide which analysts to trust. find out why more and more active traders are turning to fidelity for a smarter way to trade online. t
are iming on a ferry. and 1300 are secretly checking email on vacation. that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access >>> earlier today cnbc broke the story that general motors chairman ed whitacre will become the company's permanent ceo. he sing speaking live in detroit. let's head to phil lebeau with a little more on that. >> this is not a huge surprise. ed whitacre jr. has been interim ceo since the beginning of december. the board asked him to stay on. this is good news for general motors. it is a company that needs stability. it remains to be seen whether or not ed whitacre makes all the right moves but for the time being, they need stability and he will provide that as permanent ceo. one other piece of news coming out from mr. whitaker right now is committing the company -- gm to repay all of the government loans to the u.s. and canada by june. that's $10 billi
. the value of america's houses and savings would have fallen even further than they did at that time. people would have rushed to take their money out of banks. it would have brought about utter collapse. i don't know a better way to say it than that, and if people wonder whether that was true, all they have to do is look back at what actually happened in the fall of 2008 and you saw the value of american savings fall by almost 40% p trillions of dollars in lost wealth, millions of americans lost their homes. thousands and thousands of business hess to close. that's what happens when you let a financial crisis get out of control. government should never let that happen, but if they don't act and this is a very important thing for people to understand. people think it's unfair for the government to act to rescue a financial system, but you cannot help an economy recover, you can't create jobs, you can't revent the people's savings without a functioning financial system. >> another moment when we requested the hearing that i was concerned about was this counterparty. as you probably know, i, a
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16